Multi Interest Study Tours

Our multi-interest study tours are designed to give the students an overall feel of the destination. On these trips, apart from visits to places of sightseeing, cultural and historical interest, we include several other activities and hand-on experiences that help students absorb the ethos and essence of the places they visit. To a certain extent, we can say that these tours allow students to gain new perspective on the places they get to see simply because they’ve been there; they have experienced it and somehow built a connection with that culture or place. We strive to inculcate environmental awareness, a sense of responsibility and an abiding love for nature and cultural heritage in young people. As we blend travel and learning, we ensure that the students take in the essence of the place and the experience enhances their awareness.

Subject Based Study Tours

We may have heard from someone before that “we learn best by experiencing.” While good teaching is an important learning foundation for each of us, the world is also an effective classroom. Although classroom learning can be rewarding, long hours of lectures may sometimes get monotonous. An option for a study tour anytime in the course of study can get the students more excited about the subjects they study due to hands-on experience and practical exposure. These tours help the students appreciate their field of study more and it also helps them understand better the relation between their chosen fields of study and the rest of the world. Subject based study tours help students open themselves to many possibilities that they aren’t exposed to in a classroom.

Our subject/project based tours facilitate an in-depth understanding of the following subjects:

Environment Education & Conservation
Community Service
Experience of rural and tribal culture
Manufacturing Processes

You may opt for a programme that focuses on any one of the above mentioned areas or a combination of few. The itineraries can be customized to suit the requirements of various school boards such as SSC, ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE and CAS activities in the IB curriculum.

Community Service

It is important to sensitize the young minds during their formative years to the needs and problems being faced by the society in order to groom them into responsible citizens of tomorrow. Through our Community Service trips we engage students in activities that lead to betterment of the society. These activities include teaching underprivileged children, conservation, spreading awareness, rural life experience and cleanliness drive. The itineraries are designed as per the age group of the students in order to make them more enriching and meaningful for them. Sometimes we include a community service activity in our multi-interest study tours as well.