Multi Interest Study Tours

We understand that at the college level, students require a wider exposure and keeping this need in mind, we offer multi interest study tours to multi stream and professional colleges. Students belonging to all streams viz Arts, Science and Commerce can join these trips. These tours are a cohesive mix of learning and exploration which are aimed at giving the students a comprehensive feel of the place.

We customize these tours as per the needs of a department or professional course to give the students a practical exposure in the area of their subjects.

These visits not only help them in having a better understanding of their subject of study but also get them more enthused and interested in their academic pursuit. On these tours students are taken for Industrial Visits or visits to Organizations, Institutions, Areas and Agencies of their academic interest. The itineraries are customized for the following departments and courses:

Mass Media
Business Management
Architecture and Design
Life Science and Zoology

Kindly note that this is not an exhaustive list. Colleges may identify their areas of interest and the trips can be customized accordingly.

Adventure Camps

The aim of our Adventure Programmes is to instill some of those attributes and qualities in our youth that would hold them in good stead in their adult lives. Qualities such as leadership, team-work, mental toughness, discipline, bonhomie, respect for environment and fellow human beings can best be cultivated though challenging activities in nature. Through adventure our young minds can pick up these qualities in a much easier way as they experience a lot of excitement and fun engaging themselves in challenging outdoor activities.

In last two decades of our operation we have taken thousands of students on adventure based outbound programmes and seen remarkable transformation in their personality and attitude.

In our Adventure Programmes we offer Multi-activity Camps and Solo-activity camps. Multi-activity camps are conducted in and around a fixed campsite and are an amalgamation of multifarious activities such as Rock climbing, Rappelling, Jummering, Flying Fox, Short Treks, Team Building Games, Wilderness Survival, Navigation, Community Service & Creative Workshops.

In our Solo-activity camps we offer Himalayan treks, Ski-training camps and River Rafting camps which are conducted at several locations in India.