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I-xplore, a division of The Explorers, specialises in conducting Study Tours and Adventure Camps for schools and colleges all over India and abroad. With over two decades of experience in guiding young minds, we have been associated with several reputed schools and colleges conducting Outbound Programmes for them.

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We manage financial resources consistent with the macroeconomic vision and study how they affect the overall health.

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Diptesh Saha
Diptesh Saha

I really liked the stay and found the food excellent, the coordinators were helpful friendly approachable and attentive. Felt that all the activities were conducted professionally. I learnt to be courageous and loved the team activities. Some of the memories that I would carry back with me would include the listening properly game, Louisa point at night and the badminton games.

Rajendra Pandhare
Rajendra Pandhare

This camp was a good learning experience for the students as well as for me. The activities were very effective in boosting the confidence of the students. The coordinators were very helpful and polite. They were professional in the organization of activities and ensure the safety of the students. The locations for the camps were beautiful and the food was excellent.

Prayag Yadav
Prayag Yadav

The camp to Karjat was an excellent experience. The activities were conducted in a very professional manner and the coordinators paid special attention to the safety of each student. It was a great learning experience for me. Accommodation and hygiene were up to the mark. Keep it up!

Edward Moore
Edward Moore

This was an excellent trip, thanks to the attention in details. The coordinators were first class as usual. We loved the interaction and experience with the children at the Garden School. The accommodation and hospitality was impeccable. Many, many thanks to Aloke and his team.

Niharika Naik
Niharika Naik

The coordinators were very polite. The activities were very well planned considering the fact this was a gold camp. We got healthy food at regular intervals. I learnt that it is not about the destination but the journey to getting there. My overall experience was unforgettable. Bhutan is a beautiful and simple place. I fell in love with their culture and people. I hope you organize more trips to Bhutan.

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